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Entrepreneur, author,

father and motivational speaker


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Author & Speaker

In a world filled with noise and confusion, Chet clearly shares the historical Jesus, fully God and fully man. Chet brings Him into focus through his friendly and easy-to-understand style. His engaging and peaceful voice speaks to our turbulent and broken world, calling one and all to the Savior.


Brian Phipps
Founder and Visionary
Disciples Made

There are devotionals, and then there are 
Chet-votionals. A Chet-votional is a short piece about life with Jesus, but through the lens of the life of my friend Chet Gladkowski. He brings a responsible, well-researched, and challenging insight from the Bible to every devotion he has ever written. Rather than trying to build a protective wall, he’s vulnerable emotionally and spiritually. He’s not afraid to share his failed efforts to live faithfully for Jesus. Chet’s open weakness becomes our gain as we are strengthened and encouraged to avoid similar obstacles. Chet’s just… well, a special guy. There’s only one. You’ll know what I mean after you enjoy his heart captured in just a few words.  Enjoy


Chris Velasquez 
Chief of Police

Lake Wales Police Department

Chet has amazing communication skills. He is a talented writer and dynamic speaker that relates with a broad range of people through educated yet down to earth and entertaining dialogue.


Rich Abbott

When I listen to Chet, I don’t hear a teacher, I hear a friend.


Pastor Mark James

Chet’s communication is clear and passionate. His spirit of love mixed with commitment to truth is refreshing.  He clearly presented Jesus and what He has done for us. I certainly recommend Chet to others.


Steve Gladen
Pastor of Connections
Saddleback Church

It doesn’t take long to see that Chet’s a compassionate and gifted communicator. His engaging tone and use of everyday examples strike a note in everyone’s head and heart. He meets people right where they are. Chet’s significant contributions to our website and Facebook page at the Small Group Network have been most meaningful to our entire global membership.


Jimbo (James) Jahna
CFO & Sr. Vice President
E.R. Jahna Industries

Looking for a daily devotional that gives you hope and helps you prepare for the day? Then check out Chet at Mark This Year. Chet is witty and explores Gods word in a refreshing way. Learn and look at the scriptures with a connection to today’s problems and circumstances. If your time is limited, you’re in luck as Chet presents the versus for the day, shares his short and unique take on them, and then presents some thought provoking questions to ponder right then or as you go through your day.


Ellis Goldstein

Chet knows how to 'rightly divide the Word of truth.' Many people give a surface insight into the Word, but God has given Chet the ability to truly bring out the meaning in His Word.


Brenda Allen

God has used Chet’s words to open my heart again. He speaks in a way that everyong can receive and understand God’s message of love to us. Through Chet, I’ve had so many “Aha” moments where I’ve understood what God’s been trying to tell me all these years.


Clarence Clayton

I can’t tell you how MUCH I enjoy Chet’s speaking and writing. He makes it seem so effortless to dig deeper into the things of God.


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