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Hugh Donahue, PhD

"This magnificent book is a Christmas present all on its own. With immensely learned thinking shaping and informing the available, engaging, immersive narrative, Chester Gladkowski emerges as our G.K. Chesterton. He brings the Christmas story right up to date addressing contemporary life with vernacular turns of phrase and fidelity to the original narrative yielding fresh appreciation of Christ's birth and its abundant blessings. T.S. Eliot remarked of Chesterton that "he was importantly and consistently on the side of the angels." The same's true of Chester Gladkowski and this unalloyed gift to One & All. A great gift!!!!"


Scott Markley, PhD

“For many people, Christmas is a holiday brimming with hope as they celebrate the coming of Jesus into our world as God in the flesh! Yet for many, 2020 has been a year of upheaval, making it hard to experience the usual hope that Christmas brings. However, in this Christmas devotional Chet seeks to infuse his readers with the hope that may seem so elusive this year. His writing is engaging, wry, practical, and thoroughly biblical. We all could use a daily dose of this writing this Christmas season so we can reclaim the hope Christ came to bring us.”

"A reassuring message about hope delivered with all the warmth of a table full of freshly steamed crabs.  An easy reading experience that asks thought-provoking questions while still being accessible.  Seasoned with nostalgia, references, and tips, Hope is Like Steamed Crabs is perfect for anyone looking for a little extra hope.  And, as Chet points out, who isn’t these days?”

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