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Chet's Concise Clips

Praying with Dad
Faith is in the future - July 2, 2021
What is faith? - July 2, 2021
Live with a little bit more faith -July 2, 2021
Leaning into faith - July 2, 2021
Faith and the cumulative effect of little things
Faith has a foundation
Faith has evidence
Steps of confidence
Faith is confidence
God is always on time –
He’s never late
Everybody worships

In the day-to-day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship.

React to God
Politics of heaven

He is ALWAYS the one who initiates contact, conversation, compassion, commitment.

There is a way to live that demonstrates our love God him and love for others.

Fearing God is not what you think

It’s so much more thoughtful, lovely, and life changing.

Change takes repetition

Talent is not enough, changes are refined and fought for over, and over.

God’s possession

Amazing truth, God wants you and me in a love relationship for all eternity.

Is it God’s job to make my life easy?
Get some training and help
Enact what God says
Attack or Support?
Proactive With God

What is the way that you engage with people?

Holding Up Their Arms

What is the way that you engage with people?

What Weapon Has God Given You?

He has not left us defenseless.

Write it Down

Take the time to “memorialize” it for yourself and others, telling what God did.

No Waiting With God

No lines, call waiting, busy signal, or out of range when it comes to God.

Community of Victory

It always takes more than one person to achieve any victory.

Any Fool Can Start an Argument

But it takes someone special to stop it.

Love is Tough as Nails

Real love is not blown by the winds but hangs in there, even through pain.

Hurt People, Hurt People

When you are hurt by someone, look for hurt in their life.

Jesus Love For Us is Tough

It’s not fluffy and cute, it’s tough enough for anything that life throws at us.

God is NOT in That Business

Yes, there are things that God does not do.

God, What’s Up With That?

Doesn’t God owe us a happy, healthy, blessed life?

Life’s Just Getting Worse

But it takes someone special to stop it.

Everything is Against Me

Our cry when life goes sideways, or south, or down the dumps.

Don’t Ignore The Problem

There are times in life when we can no longer choose to ignore problems.

Tell Your Story
Now I Know
3 Fold Talk
Remembering Pain
How to Meet People
God Changes the Story
Life Turned Inside Out
Family History
Classroom of Life
Time for Transparency
God Runs
A Time for Celebration
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