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Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Personal Growth-The Power of the Electronic Handwritten Note

By Roger Carr

There is power in notes. Your words in a note can thank, encourage, sympathize, apologize and congratulate.

Today, most people are writing their notes electronically and sending them via email, text message or social media channels. However, the most effective notes are handwritten. A handwritten note is personal and rare. Due to this, it will be given more attention by the reader and have maximum impact.

But could you send a note that is still as personal as a handwritten note but has the convenience of being sent electronically?

The Electronic Handwritten Note

Chester Gladkowski periodically writes tips for small group leaders of online groups. His tips are posted at the Small Group Network Facebook page. I have to tell you about one of his tips that caught my attention.

Chester creates personal stationery on his iPad. Then he uses a stylus to handwrite notes that are sent out electronically to his group members.

If you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone that allows you to handwrite notes, you should try using this technique to send out some notes of encouragement to your group members. You don’t have to lead an online group for this to be effective.

Advantages of the Electronic Handwritten Note

There are some advantages to sending electronic notes over those sent through postal mail.

  • Arrives immediately – The impact of your note can decrease over time. Getting your note to your group member quickly maintains its impact.

  • Sends immediately – You don’t have to spend time addressing the envelope, finding stamps and getting it into a mailbox.

  • Lower cost – If you are already paying for email services, there shouldn’t be a cost to send the note.

  • Saves trees – For those group members who are eco-friendly, the note doesn’t require paper to be used or emissions to transport the note.

Although there are several advantages to an electronic handwritten note, there are still times when a traditional handwritten note is more appropriate. For example, I believe a sympathy card should not be written and sent electronically. It needs to be tangible.

Start Sending Handwritten Notes Today

Start a new practice of sitting down and writing a handwritten note on a regular basis. Create and send it electronically when you want it to reach your group members fast. Who knows, they might start sending handwritten notes too. You might start an epidemic!

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