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Mark 085 - Preaching 101

They went out and preached that people should repent. They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them.

Mark 6:12,13

Saying that we were wrong is part of our culture. Admitting that we were wrong is woven into our hearts and minds. Even Obi Wan Kanobi says it in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. In retelling the story about his thinking that he could train Anakin Skywalker as well as Yoda says, “I was wrong.

Every society, culture and religion talks about repentance. Even our modern, 21st century western secularism talks about repentance.

There are only rare exceptions to this. In the movie, “Love Story” there is that famous line, “Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry[1]." But other than this, I really can’t think of another place where people are told not to say they are sorry.

It was only the two disciples in a strange place, surrounded by strangers. And they only did three things.

1. Preached

2. Cast out demons

3. Anointing with oil to heal


When Jesus talks about preaching, he’s not talking about going onto a street corner, holding up a sign and trying to get someone’s attention. He’s also not talking about setting up a YouTube channel or publishing some TikTok videos. Preaching in that day was to announce to people with conviction. It was a serious struggle. The way it was done, with formality, gravity, and authority. It was more than just information; it was to be followed. When you heard real preaching, you were so memorized by it’s importance that you wanted to immediately leave and start following what was said.

So, these twelve apostles are sent out in pairs from Jesus. You have to remember that they had no experience or formal training when it came to preaching. They watched and heard Jesus. They may have heard others in local synagogues, but there is no indication that they had ever done it before.

When Jesus sent them out, it wasn’t after practice session. He did not follow them, checking up to see how they were doing, giving them tips along the way. There was no checklist of dos and don’ts. There were no instructional or DIY videos to fall back on.

Cast out demons

By the authority and power of Jesus, they were throwing demons out from people. Demons aren’t there to make lives comfortable or better, they are there to torture them, drive them insane, totally disrupt their lives.

And when they threw out a demon, it stayed out. It’s not like physically healing someone. You make them better, but eventually they will get sick again and die. But when God casts out a demon, it’s out for good.

Anointing with oil

This was a common practice to symbolize something invisible. Kings and priests were anointed with oil, showing God’s selection of them. It was also to help people heal and feel better. The anointing is symbolic of God’s presence, his Holy Spirit coming over someone to restore their health.

Is God calling you to do something new for him? Is it time to be willing to risk doing the unusual? Stepping out in faith? Obeying him in some new venture? Some new adventure?

If the answer might be yes, then you need to get ready. And I’m not talking about packing your bags. Heck, I’m not even talking about memorizing Scripture (even though that’s so very important.)

I’m talking about being ready to do the unusual. Are you ready to be asked by God to go places that make you nervous? To do things that you have absolutely no background, experience, or even desire to do?

It’s all part of the calling. It’s all part of being a disciple. It’s all part of him being God and not you. It’s all part of Preaching 101.


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