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People need hope more than ever. As followers of Jesus, we have this promise in Colossians 1:27.....Listen to Radio Podcast featured on Moody Radio April 17 2024 


And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.


Colossians 2:15


Throughout my entire life, the threat of a nuclear war has been over our heads. Sometimes it’s been a relatively low threat, but it’s been there none the less. And then there’s been times when it’s been all that anyone could talk about.


The first great threat came in 1962 when missiles with atomic bombs were being installed in Cuba. For thirteen days, it seemed like the whole world was on edge as America and the Soviet Union played a game of cat-and-mouse game with nuclear weapons.


Right after the September 11 attacks, there was an overwhelming feeling that we were vulnerable. And as we licked our wounds, people wanted revenge. To wipeout the people that came and attacked us at home. And, I think that if you asked people what should be done, they said that everything was on the table.


And with this constant threat of being able to destroy ourselves over and over, there’s been many attempts at disarmament. According to one source, 25 arms control treaties[1] that have been signed.


And while I’m all in favor of making peace and signing meaningful treaties, I wonder about whether it’s been worth all the time and trouble. Yes, I’m very thankful that no nuclear bombs have been exploded in quite a while. But was that because of these disarmament treaties, or because people knew that it would mean immediate retaliation?


These negotiations take a long time. There’s lots and lots of debating. Each side tries to make the other side look evil or foolish while they try to look pure and reasonable. One side says something and then the other side replies. One side makes some kind of offer and then the other side makes a counteroffer. Over and over, they go back and forth.


But when it comes to God and disarmament, he doesn’t mess around. He takes care of business. Actually, he does all the business. There’s no going back and forth. Negotiations with God are one way. He does all the talking and giving. He says and does what’s required. He does all the moving to make things the way they should be.


Now, some people might balk at this, but just think about it. What do we have to offer for this disarmament? To be make right with God. What do we bring to the table? I’ll tell you what – nothing. The best thing we have to give is ourselves, and we’ve done nothing but to abuse God’s kindness and love. We bring nothing but sin. And how does God respond? What does he say? How does he approach us and negotiate disarmament? I’ll tell you what God does – he does it tall. He gives himself. Period. He comes to earth and dies in our place. He pays the price that we deserve to pay.


In the negotiations with God, he does all the moving and coming to terms. He does all the things necessary to make disarmament between us and God possible. Not only does he do all the negotiations, but he’s also the one who does all the things necessary to make disarmament possible.


When Paul says that God has disarmed, he means that it’s done. Period. They are disarmed once and for all. There’s no way that they can rearm themselves either. Their power and weapons have been destroyed once and for all by Jesus on the cross.


Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe;

Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow[2].


Jesus death and resurrection says that we’re “not guilty” before a holy and righteous God. We couldn’t pay for it. We couldn’t negotiate it. He had to do it all. There’s nothing, nothing, nothing that we could give or do for any of it. And his payment for our sin also disarmed all the enemies that would attack us. That would destroy us. The enemies that whisper in our ear that we’re not worthy. That we’re guilty. That the only thing we deserve is to feel shame all our lives.


But God shouts from the cross, “It is finished[3].” And with this, everything changed. No more sacrifices. No more going over and over to God, making a payment for our sin. Jesus made the once and for all sacrifice, paying for all sin[4].


This is the greatest disarmament in the history of the world. God laid down his right to destroy us, and instead destroyed his own son on the cross. He’s good and holy, only giving us his kindness, grace, and love. And what did we give him in return? Arrogance. Rebellion. Ungratefulness.


This shows what God is like more than anything else I can think of. We’ve earned nothing but eternal separation and punishment because we’ve spit in the face of the one that loves us. And what does he do? He dies for us. In our place. He’s negotiated the ultimate disarmament by paying for our rebellion. Our sin. And he brings us back to himself. Clean in Christ. If that’s not good news, then I don’t know what is.


Noodling Questions


  • Do you think of disarmament as a sign of strength or weakness? Explain.

  • How often do we think about God disarming our enemies? Why?

  • Since we’ve earned nothing, why would God disarm our enemies?

[2] I hear the Savior say, Elvina M. Hall (1865)

[3] John 19:30

[4] Hebrews 9:12

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