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No matter your past or present position, you can be a significant part of history. Your resume doesn't matter, only a willing and faithful heart, ready to help and serve.

From Worship to Faith - Lydia

From Worship to Faith

What's in a Name?

Final Word

Shepherds needed - do you have one? Are you one?

Unshakable Identity - Do you have one?

Unnamed and Unknown

The Ultimate Outsider

Giant Problem

The Big Send-Off


Knowing Your Limitations

A Girl Who Can't Say No

Eager Examining

One-liner: 10 Words said it all

From Doubt to Faith

A Very Unusual Suspect

Fall, Rise, Repeat

A Humpty Dumpty Fall

UnnamedUnloved, Unknown

Older Brother - Lost in Anger

Onesimus - Made a Mistake Lately?

Caleb - Taking Your Mountain

Shepherds - the first Christmas messengers

Eliezer: Ready for Aciton

Joey A - One Act of Kindness

The Magi - Who Are These Guys?

Tabatha - Helped the poor & widows

Rufus: Not a Word or Action

David's Temple?

It's more about what you do than what you say

Who in the world is Hathak?

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