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La gente necesita esperanza más que nunca. Como seguidores de Jesús, tenemos esta promesa en Colosenses 1:27..... Escuche el podcast de radio presentado en Moody Radio el 17 de abril de 2024.

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God is For You, Kids!

Equipped with Chris Brooks on the Moody Radio Network

C-Suite interviewC-Suite for Christ Podcast
00:00 / 26:35

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C-Suite for Christ Podcast (Episode 129 - Paul Interviews Chet Gladkowski) Micro Content B

C-Suite for Christ Podcast (Episode 129 - Paul Interviews Chet Gladkowski) Micro Content A

 C-Suite For Christ Podcast.Your episode is now LIVE and sounds amazing! 

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PhD in Hope! – Chet GladkowskiKurt and Kate
00:00 / 17:30

People need hope more than ever. As followers of Jesus, we have this promise in Colossians 1:27....."Christ in you, the hope of glory." Chet Gladkowski is a local author who loves Jesus. He also has a PhD in hope! He stopped by to help us understand how we can be more hopeful in Jesus!

Moody Radio Florida on Kurt and Kate Mornings

Published Apr 17, 2024

This link will take you to Mike Gillands' podcast from as he interviews Chet Gladkowski about our hopeless environment and what to do about it. This took place while attending the US Christian Chamber of Commerce Expo in Orlando. This podcast includes that interview, starting at: 45:58
I hope you find it helpful and hopeful.

1 de mayo de 2024
Tuve el honor de ser entrevistado por Paul M. Neuberger para su podcast C-Suite for Christ. Permitirá que todos sepan cuándo y dónde estará disponible.

C-Suite para Cristo Bio

Enlace de noticias original: Winter Haven Sun News

Solicite una copia de su libro o libro electrónico en Amazon

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